Zachary Hartzell



It's hard to summarize in a paragraph exactly what it is about photography and videography that keeps me at it, but I can try! My love for light and positive energy drives me to discover the things in other people that brighten their days and give them the types of creative solutions they need. I love what I do and hope to always remain fortunate enough to keep at it. Collaboration keeps this business alive and for that I am extremely thankful to my existing clients. The potential of adding new clients to the mix keeps things interesting.



For the past 11 years, I have been helping people solve their creative problems. With a degree in Graphic Design and countless hours of photography/video capture/editing, I have a thorough understanding of most of the problems that will arise during any project.

I've had many types of creative jobs throughout my freelance career from photography, video, web, design, and a few consultative jobs related to bigger projects.

Travel is a very important part of my professional development and I am happy to say I have traveled (with work) to over 40 States and 8 Countries. 




Some of the clients listed below have specific contracts with me that don't allow me to share the work I shoot for them on my personal site. I am however able to link to their sites and guide my clients in understanding the specific work I shoot for them. Please contact me if you have questions.