What We Do

Creative Strategy
Still Photography
Moving Imagery

If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.
— Albert Einstein

Things we do well...

  • Work well with groups and teams that want to solve problems.
  • Photograph a wide variety of content from Portraiture to Products, and most content in-between.
  • Develop plans to execute ideas. Whether we start from the beginning or join a project mid-leap.
  • Document, Storytell, Design & Think.

Things we do not do well...

  • Work with teams that don't have a solution based ideology of how to approach creative problems (or a want to).
  • Work in environments that don't foster learning and problem solving during the execution stage of planning.
  • Work in situations that don't allow a basic level of trust from professional to professional.

Notes to consider...

  • We work hard to give our clients the attention they deserve.
  • Deadlines are KEY to getting work done. If there is a deadline, we will meet it (when applicable).
  • People are naturally creative, your ideas and input are important. We may be the creative professionals, but your concepts of what you'd like done and the need to work as a team are important.
  • Coffee (& Tea) are our friends, communication is our family & our ego comes from delivering a service/product our clients are happy with, from start to finish.


If you made it this far, let's discuss your project details and see if we are the right fit. If we're not, we'll be honest and use our network to find you the best creative team for the job. It really is that easy. We don't like to waste time or money, so trust us, we're ready to help.