The Big Fat Surp-lies.

I asked my brother Phillip to review a book recommendation from a friend about how my Vegan diet was not good for me based on a book they read about how animal fat IS good for me. So I had him put it to the test. In 30 minutes of his time, he found this out. I'll let you form your own opinion on the findings...

So let us look into "The Big Fat Surprise". I think I will check out her website and I am greeted by the following...let's analyze this for a second.

Okay so first things first, I do not see many letters after her name that would indicate to me that she knows a great deal about nutrition, but even if she did have MD or PHD after it, that would not hold much value to me.

That said, it apparently matters to her though because on the opening page we are greeted by a block of text which is essentially reviews from other people validating that her book is good...because apparently she has no legs of her own to stand on. Well why might that be? Lets click that "about the author link."

Okay so since she does not have any nutritional qualifications other than her self described "10 year deep dive into nutrition" we will look at that list of reviews I highlighted in the first know the ones she is relying on to give her book credibility:

So 2 and 3 are former employers...not to mention since when do economists know anything about nutrition????? If you are going to the Wall Street Journal for nutrition advice I think you need life guidance. But what about number 4? So maybe that guy just retired...or maybe it had something to do with this article he published:

Is there anyone on this list who is actually qualified to review this damn book.... wait what about number 1! It was American so it must be good right?!? Okay lets click to read the full review!


I rest my case. Oh and that article about cancer being a good way to die.. yeah it does not get much better. In fact, it gets worse, but I will rip that guy a new asshole a different time. :)

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