True Love - Real, True, Love.

Let's start with the end of the night. I just got finished making some food and my lady comes walking into the house we are watching (after her shift at work). I'm loading files onto my computer from the days engagement shoot in Philadelphia. She takes one look at me and says, "So babe, how'd it go!? I know you were excited for this one." -- We'll come back to this part of the story later --

Rewind a couple of hours, 12 to be exact. I'm arriving to the city looking for parking, when I get a text that says they have arrived as well (They, being Jessica & Michael, today's engagement shoot subjects). I passed a Starbucks and asked them to meet me there as it was dumb to search around for place when clearly coffee and a seat to catch up is perfect in the crowded, yet spacious coffee shop! I'm waiting in line, a long line, and right when I'm about to order, Jess & Mike (J&M from now on) arrive and give two such welcoming hugs I was SURE, today would be perfect.

Fast forward an hour of catch up conversation -- and we leave to get shooting. Our plan? Right. A plan. My favorite of all plans. Pick a meeting spot, walk around, find nice light & document them together. A "client" that allows me to do this is by far the BEST client to have. Trust me, they are rewarded for being so open.

Walking around, tripping on curbs, laughing at bystanders, almost getting hit by busses, this is the short version of the couple hours we spent roaming around. Not to mention the RAIN! Yup, rain. Lots of it too. But J&M were more than willing to bare the water droplets for photos. We had a little umbrella and found some spots that the wind & rain didn't reach yet! (Thanks city skyline). Add a Vegan Lunch at this badass place that served "Cheesesteaks & Veggie Sushi", how could you possibly go wrong!? Especially with the real fruit smoothies we all got!

Towards the end of the shoot (previously planned), we arrived at Talula's Garden in Washington Sq. where we went inside to relive so many dates that have happened before. Some bread, some cheese & a bunch of laughter, J&M are clearly, VERY clearly, in love. I heard stories of how they met, from each perspective & got to learn a little about their times at this awesome restaurant.


-- With letting the images speak more than the words I can say, I'd like to end on this note.. After Sydney asked "'d it go!?" I honestly started to tear up a bit. I looked at her and said, "Jessica & Michael are truly in love. They laugh, they roll with what most would consider to be bad-luck. They have the best energy I have ever seen & their love is contagious." I'm not sure how some of these people end up getting in touch with me (these two thanks to Mandee), but I am truly fortunate to be able to call these two beautiful people my friends. Sure, I'm photographing them as a client, but I'm excited to continue this relationship in the months & years to come. They ROCK.

Bring on Italy in June 2017. Their wedding is going to be awesome!