Spoon Girl - A Birthday


I photographed a wedding in November of 2015. It was rather lovely and the families of the bride and groom were great. It was my first time meeting the entire crew, though, if I attended all the parties I was invited too growing up (by my best friend and now girlfriend Sydney), I'm sure I would have known one or two of the people in attendance. That aside, Mandee & Alex, shortly after their day, adopted a cute dog & named her Spoon! She's high energy but has a heart of gold. When Sydney (Mandee's sister) invited me to the party I of course was excited to drink a beer, hang with a great family & have a killer veggie burger made by Alex (in his awesome doggie apron). Mandee & Alex then invited me to spoons second "first" birthday, I of course said sure thing, I'll bring my camera! Invited as a friend, both times.

A couple things to mention about bringing a camera to a social event. I'm a professional photographer. It's what I do to make a living. But it is also what I love to do. Sometimes it is my "gift" to people I care for. When it is expected, it's annoying, but when it is helpful and a way to give back to my friends, I gladly shoot a few frames and deliver what I see! The nice thing about it too is that I can experiment a little bit. Keeps me on my toes. Social situations are sometimes tough for me, so having the camera in front of me is a bit of a security blanket.

SO, I took some photos, ate some good food, had a beer and got some dog hair on me while shooting. Comes with the territory! Afterwards, I got a really lovely thank you text from Hillary (Mandee's Mom) about the images. That sort of thing makes the "work" part of it, all worth it! A few days later I received a handwritten note in the mail thanking me. It was from Spoon, but "Mom & Dad" said thanks for the photos too.

I'd like make a shout out to the The Center for Animal Health & Welfare in Easton. They put together this rad little collage of my photos from the evening and it's super cute & fun. When the time comes, adoption will totally be my way of getting a pet!